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At Bluefield we are proud to have supported the following great companies in recent years.

Software & Technology


Referenties Comparex

Referenties Sentia

Referenties irdeto

Referenties Insided

Referenties Backbase

Referenties Olyslager


Business Services


Referenties privacy perfect

Referenties SRK rechtsbijstand

Referenties TecqGroep

Referenties Kinly

Referenties Plot projects

Referenties BouWatch

Referenties Olympia

Referenties 216 accountants


Consumer Products & Leisure


Referenties Stella

Referenties online wijnwinkel

Referenties BVA auctions

Referenties Remalux

Referenties Fit for Free

Referenties SnappCar

Referenties TravelBird

Referenties 2theloo

vacansoleil iris parc


Industry & Engineering


Referenties DTS Dutch Tec Source

Referenties Quanza engineering

Referenties AWL

Referenties Pooling partners faber halbertsma group

Referenties Walraven

Referenties VDS offshore construction terminals

Referenties Heliox

Referenties Altendorf


Cure & Care


equipe zorgbedrijven

Referenties Estro

Referenties Blos Kinderopvang

Referenties Cell Signaling technology

Referenties Bernhoven

Referenties medisch centrum alkmaar

Referenties Wellinq

Referenties zinkraamzorg

Referenties Stryker

Referenties genzyme

Referenties Portou kinderopvang


Medsen apotheek


Entertainment & Media


Referenties Ziggo

Referenties Warner Music Group

Referenties Liberty Global





Other Industries


Referenties Almeerse Scholen Groep

Referenties Groveko

Referenties W P Carey

Referenties NBD biblion

Referenties MS Amlin

Referenties HB crc

Referenties Skytree