What is the quality of information provision within your organization? Does reporting consist of a lot of manual work?
Are the reports aligned with achieving the strategy?
Does Business Control play a prominent role in your organization?
Is looking ahead a standard component of reports?

Do you want to know if your organization is still on the right track or are you going to implement major changes? A QuickScan helps you to gain insight into the concrete steps you need to undertake in order to become a high performance organization.

What is a QuickScan?

The foundation of the QuickScan is a baseline measurement of the current quality of information, registration, and company design. We then create the desired future situation based on your strategy and objectives. Whether you want to acquire another company, expand internationally or undertake general professionalization practices; your objectives are always leading. Every organization is unique and every challenge is different. The QuickScan and the accompanying project plan are therefore always tailor-made.

Project plan

In a detailed project plan we describe the necessary steps to move from your current situation to a high performance organization as smoothly as possible. We do not only address technical issues such as: How do I develop efficient end-to-end processes? One of the most important parts of success is change management. It is of great importance to create, support and prepare the organization for its transformation.

Bluefield’s vision

Bluefield’s starting point is that all supporting processes within an organization must optimally support the core process. This is achieved by optimally organizing the processes and ensuring an excellent interplay of interpretation, communication and interaction with the business.

Accounting Framework

Control Framework

Business Process Integration

How does a QuickScan work?

Because every organization has different challenges, a clear scope and goals are set at the start of a QuickScan in collaboration with the stakeholders. We map the current situation based on available data, work instructions and interviews with employees and managers. Since we use the input from the organization when drawing up the improvement plan, the first step of the transformation process and getting the organization along is already taken.


A QuickScan report presents findings and advice in a user-friendly way and uses many visualisations to create a clear picture of the current situation. Additionally, you will receive a clear overview of the steps you can undertake to optimize your business process. After delivering a QuickScan report, Bluefield can further support you in implementing the recommended changes.