Bluefield is a hands-on consultancy organization specialized in optimally coordinating the areas between processes, data, registration and reports. We optimize the quality of the information provision and in this way increase the controllability, effectiveness and predictability of organizations.

For more than 10 years we have been supporting ambitious national and international organizations in professionalizing Accounting & Control. By means of standardizing processes, setting up Business Control and making optimal use of automation possibilities, we create a “High Performance Organization”. The focus of the Accounting & Control department will shift from registration to anticipation.

Bluefield works with more than 60 employees from its office in Utrecht and is mainly active in the mid-market. Our customers are active in all industries and have a common denominator: use of reliable and accurate information to achieve strategic goals. Bluefield’s vision is that every aspect of an organization should focus on achieving the strategic goals. Because all processes within an organization ultimately become financial, we approach everything with an Accounting & Control perspective. For this we have developed specific products and services with the aim to support organizations in reaching a higher level.

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