Implementing the next level in

Excellent Management Information
Financial Control
Business Control
Business Intelligence
Process Optimization

Real Results

Operational & financial management information should be available within 5 days.

Detailed and high-quality forecasts are always part of the Planning & Control Cycle.

Comprehensible short- and long-term cashflow forecasts that are precise and improve every period.

The envisaged result is often comparable. However, because every organization is unique and has its specific challenges, the road towards these results is always different. Creating a single source of truth is always the most important step in the realisation of these results.

Tailormade Projects

Finding the specific challenges and opportunities in your organization is important. That’s why most of our projects start with a QuickScan. A QuickScan report is based on interviews with managers and employees and can be completed within two weeks. It is a baseline measurement of the current quality of accounting, information and the internal organization. Every QuickScan contains a detailed project plan on how to overcome your specific challenges and attain the next level.

We have carefully constructed three expertise units that can tackle any of your challenges

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Accounting & Financial Control

Accounting & Financial Control is the foundation of any business. Excellent management information depends on the quality of registration and internal control. Additionally, the importance of compliance and governance is increasing. That’s why our experts focus on creating precise, complete and timely financial information.

Main solutions

Audit Support
AuditScan, Audit Process Optimization, Audit Preparation.
Accounting & Financial Control Platform
The ultimate digital solution for complex Accounting & Financial Control challenges. It is a next level accounting manual, comparable to an internal Wiki. Facilitates the highest level of communication, data and compliance.
Financial Reporting
Compliance with banking and legislation requirements.
Risk Management
Identification, evaluation, prioritization and structural mitigation of risks.
Working Capital Management
Optimization of both the Cash to Conversion Cycle (C2C) and the predictive quality of the Short Term Cash Flow Forecast (STCF).
Mark Vianen
Reinier de Winter
Remco Koens
Gerard Voort
Ralph Henderson
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Business Control & Analytics

Excellent Business Control allows you to take the lead! We see Business Control as the navigator on a ship. What do we need to do to reach our goals, and what are the risks involved? The business controller monitors, plans and adjusts the direction/course.

Main solutions

Business Control
Implementing Business Control as the business partner that accelerates the achievement of strategic goals.
Planning & Control Cycle
Creating the next level in steerability. It is the iterative process of planning, monitoring outcomes, assessing results, and making revisions. Plan-do-check-act!
Reporting framework
A workflow that efficiently generates high quality and relevant insights at every management level. The combination of context from the business, operational and financial information facilitates monitoring and understanding of business drivers. This facilitates early identification of risks and opportunities related to the strategic goals.
Data Analytics
A lot of insights are hidden in your data. Predictive analytics brings forecasting and informed decision-making to the next level.
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Solutions & Implementations

A proper Application Architecture is the backbone of any organization. This expertise unit is focused on maximizing the added value of your applications, processes, and data. Processes should not be built around your applications.

Main solutions

Business Intelligence
Implementation of high-quality BI Dashboards
ERP Selection
A proper functioning ERP that fully supports the business is of crucial importance. We support you in selecting the system that has the best fit for the characteristics and goals of your organization.
ERP Implementation & Support
It is important that an ERP supports the business processes optimally. The implementation should therefore not be seen as an IT Project. We work together with the technical implementation partner in order to minimize the demands on the organization and achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.
Business Process Optimization
Efficient processes through a combination of our best practices and lean six sigma principles.
Robotics Process Automation
Process automation increases the reliability, efficiency and quality of processes. By automating low-value repetitive tasks, employees can spend more time on adding value for customers and growing the business.
Ervin van der Meulen
Ron Hartman
Karim Harakeh
Tim van der Weiden