Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Reporting shows what happened so far, Business Intelligence shows you why things happened

Wat is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) ensures that complex decisions can be made based on facts. Unlike regular reports, which generally show what happened, BI shows why things happened.

Good BI gives organizations the ability to predict, reason, think abstract, understand, innovate, learn, adjust and achieve objectives through the use of information. BI thereby maximizes the use of information from existing data sources, such as an ERP system. For user is important that the focus lies on operational and financial information and not on databases, tools and dashboards.

Bluefield’s approach

Each organization has different challenges. We therefore begin every assignment with a BI QuickScan. We do this in order to answer the following questions:

  • What information and data sources are available?
  • What are the objectives and KPIs of the organization?
  • Which steering information is required, and at which management level?
  • Is available information reliable, is there a “single source of truth”?

The approach as well as lead time are determined depending on the outcome of the BI QuickScan. Our starting point is to improve the information provision in the shortest time period possible.


After the implementation of BI by Bluefield, you have online access to reliable and up-to-date steering information of your company through a BI tool at any time. Unlike using standard reports, you are now able to intuitively analyze the causes of large fluctuations and deviations.

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