The goal of the Business Control Extraction Program (B’CEP) is to gain insights into the operational and financial performance of a company within a relatively short time period. This is done by setting up a Reporting Framework based on current processes, data and systems within a company.


The B’CEP approach is a process that can be implemented in the near future. It is relevant for organizations where operational and financial reporting is not at its desired level and where detailed and reliable information is required on short notice.


Bcep Reporting QuickScan
  • The desired reporting system is discussed with management and all stakeholders involved
  • An assessment of current systems, processes and data integrity determines the approach that will be used to implement the desired reporting system
  • All operational and financial information is stored in a data lake
  • The possibilities of data cleansing, enriching and normalizing are identified and implemented in a B’CEP project
  • With an agile approach, the reporting dashboards and packs are built by using a BI tool (think of Power BI, Qlick Sense or Tableau).

Bcep voorbeeld grafiek
Bceps voorbeeld