Accounting & Financial Control

Accounting & Financial Control

As a manager it is of great importance to be “in control” and to be able to adjust your direction if necessary. For this, reliable and timely information is required. The value of the management information is mainly determined by the quality of data registration. In other words: the foundation must be in order!

Administrative work is increasingly being automated. Next to greater efficiency, the main goal is to be able to quickly obtain complete and error-free insights into all transactions within an organization. This implies that more time is available for business control. In our vision, a company can only be managed on the basis of data if this data is fully reliable. This starts at the workspace and therefore makes it crucial to standardize the primary processes. The output is a leading factor when recording the data, it is therefore important to have clear objectives. Too often we come across companies where this basis is insufficiently in order.

The role of Financial Control is vital because it connects registration and reporting. It is the function that takes compliance into account and forms the basis of working capital management. Without proper Financial Control it is not possible to gain reliable insights into the financial results of the organization.

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